IMRG Group Ride 2022 Season Schedule

April 09 th., 2022

Peak Powersports

Swap your Swag & Donate to Youth Haven by enjoying a scratch baked cupcake.  IMRG Raised $164 for Youth Haven - Thanks you for your continued support of our chosen Charity. 

May 14th., 2022

Help us celebrate International Women Riders. This will be a combined IMRG and IWR ride. Destination to be determined. More information will follow. So watch your email and the IMRG FB page. 

June 11th., 2022


July 09 th., 2022

Destination Lunch Bobcageon "Just For the Halibut" Restaurant leaving Peak Powersports at 9:30 am with lunch reservation for 1:00pm. There will be two rest/gas stops. Approximate saddle time 4 hours. The ride in just over 320km in length. Click here for the route

August 13th., 2022


September 10th., 2022


October 08th., 2022