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Safety Programs 

Ride Safe Motorcycle Training

Approved by the MTO - Cruiser Advanced Skills Riding Course

Are you looking to build skills and confidence, then this is the course for you if you ride a cruiser. RideSafe has developed a one day course for you.  Taught by a former trainer of the Toronto Metro Police force motorcycle unit.  We created a real world course for you to improve your riding. 

The course consists of the following: 

• Slow speed maneuvers
• Bike stretching
• 90 degree pullout
• Serpentine
• Offset serpentine
• Vision management
• Group riding
• Cornering
• Swerving
• Threshold braking
• Bike lifting 



Own your own motorcycle, have the ability to handle your motorcycle and full Safety Gear. 

Fee: $399.00 plus HST

Book online at:

Disclaimer: The suggested motorcycle riding course(s) are provided as a convenience to those motorcycle enthusiasts who wish to enhance their riding ability. IMRG Chapter 1916 is NOT affiliated with any of the listed Riding Program Service providers and shall not be held liable for injuries, death or damages of those individuals who enroll freely at their own will in any of the above program(s). 

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